Featured Work


Fukui During the Monsoon, 58" x 38" oil and distemper on linen, 2023Whales at Night, 48" x 36" oil and distemper on linen, 2023


Girl in Landscape,  48" x 36" oil and distemper on linen, 2022

Hiromi, Layla, and Blu,  60" x 84" oil and distemper on linen, 2022


* Willows,  60" x 54" oil on linen, 2020* The Yellow House,  56" x 42" oil on linen, 2020


* Mount Diablo State Park,  58" x 46" oil on linen, 2019 Layla’s Dream,  17" x 15" oil on linen, 2019


Fall,  36" x 48" oil on linen, 2018


* Cats and Toys on Rug, 20" x 24" oil on linen, 2013


Yoko and Layla, 48" x 60" oil on linen, 2008

       Mark Kurdziel’s work is a combination and continuation of plastic pictorial ideas along with deeply personal poetic concerns. The emotional tenor of his paintings is an attempt to create human emotions that do not stay on the surface but resonate with the feelings and situations we all have. Kurdziel believes an image can exist between the cracks of written and spoken words and goes to places that are not describable but tangibly understood as a state of being.

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